Special Features

The Davis Refinery, a First in America in 50 Years (Coming to Belfield, ND)

Audio interview: William Prentice, president, Meridian Energy Group April 2017

Audio interview: Edward Martinez, president, Zia Engineering and Environmental Consulting

Audio interview: Thomas Johnson, VP refinery operations, Meridian Energy Group

Audio interview: Dan Hedrington, SEH

Audio interview: Julia Olguin Executive Vice President of Strategies and Marketing Meridian Energy Group

Print:  Davis Refinery to set new industry emission standards

Print:  Building the Bakken continues with Davis Refinery in Belfield ND

Print:  It’s all about transparency with the Davis Refinery


Western Area Water Supply (WAWS): Williston Regional Water Treatment Plant Construction in 2014. Credit: Vern Whitten Photography

The Wild Water Wars of Western North Dakota

Audio interview: Jaret Wirtz, executive director, Western Area Water Supply Authority

Audio interview: Duane Sand, president, North Star Water

Audio interview: Robert Harms, attorney at law

Audio interview: ND Representative Denton Zubke

Audio interview: Steve Mortenson, president, Independent Water Providers

Audio interview: Derrick Braaten, partner and attorney, Baumstark Braaten Law Partners

Audio interview: Art Berman, petroleum geologist

Print: Part One: The wild waters of western North Dakota

Print: Part Two: North Dakota’s newest Big Bad Wolf

Print: Part Three: The state is picking winners and losers in North Dakota