Building the Bakken Radio Episode 236: Davis Refinery email clarification, the rail and politicizing DAPL

Energy Communities
Interview: Curtis Shuck, executive director, Great Northern Corridor Coalition
Shuck talks about the investments made by the rail companies and Bakken communities in order to satisfy the rise in demand of energy, ag and manufacturing.

Energy Economy
Interview: Greg Walcher, president, Natural Resource Group
Walcher and Spiess discuss the political polarization of the oil and gas industry and how opponents are using “Us vs. Them shouting matches” of endangered species, public safety and the DAPL Pipeline.

Weekly Davis Refinery Update
Interview: Terry O’Clair, North Dakota Health Department Water Division
O’Clair breaks down the 11,000 emails the Health Department recieved during the Public Comment Period with The Davis Refinery and how many were valid and how many were not.

Energy Communities
Interview: North Dakota Governor and entrepreneur Doug Burgum
Burgum explains his vision for natural gas, coal and how they intergrate with baseload energy and oil.


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