The Crude Life Interview: Prentice recaps the past year in red tape, talks public comments and Davis Refinery permits

Interview: William Prentice, CEO, Meridian Energy Group

Prentice gives an update on the Davis Refinery Project, Belfield, North Dakota, which mostly involves dealing with local and state officials.  He explains what the Department of Health’s comments are and how the two worked together to make the refinery even cleaner than it was a year ago.

After working through the new timeline of the Davis Refinery, Prentice describes what it is like behind-the-scenes for Meridian Energy Group and other contractors, creating the cleanest refinery on the planet.

Prentice feels confident the project will be permitted by the ND Department of Health as  a Synthetic Minor Source by Christmas if not sooner.  At that point, fabrication will begin followed by breaking ground in the Spring of 2018.

The local community is discussed in detail too.  Prentice talks about the number of public meetings, comments and interactions with people from Billings and Stark County, as well as the state.

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