Coffee & Capitalism Radio Episode 157: Professional protestors, legalized cannabis and Big Data in oil

Dale Brown
Dale Brown interviewed by Building the Bakken host Jason Spiess at the Minot Investors Summit. Photo by Kevin Tobosa.

Media Business
Interview:  Tom Shepstone, Shepstone Management Company Planning & Research Consultants
Shepstone talks about the profession of a protestor and how they are often not passionate about the cause, rather doing it for the pay check and attention.

Economic Development
Interview: David Owen, Legalize ND
Owen gives an update on the ballot initiative to legalize cannabis in North Dakota. He explains in detail the new law and how it will impact business and employers. He also challenges the Bank of North Dakota’s decision to not fund, deposit or cash any checks related to legalized cannabis.

Interview:  Anthony Molzahn, co-founder, Aegis Flow
Molzahn talks about the integration of Big Data into society and why now is time to understand and deploy technology into your industry.  From 3D printing to CCTC, Molzahn discusses major changes coming to the place of business and home.

Mentors and Apprenticeships
Interview: Dale Brown, NCAA Coaching Legend, speaker
Brown talks about how some people are stars and some are superstars.  He discusses some of his players and how they approached business.  He also gives advice on how to do business in his home state of North Dakota.

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