Coffee & Capitalism Radio Episode 149: Opioid Cannabis Breakthroughs, UAS Industry Booming and Carpet Tech

Energy Economy
Interview: US Senator John Hoeven
Senator Hoeven talks about Energy Technology and how it is driving much of the region’s UAS industry.

Interview: Chris Stone, CEO, HCI Alternatives
Stone discusses his company’s research into medicinal cannabis and opioid addiction and how it has lead to proposed legislation in Illinois. Stone also share the results of a Southern Illinois study on the cannabis industry.

Interview: Kevin Leier, president of North Dakota Buffalo Association and owner of Heartland Bison Ranch
Leier talks about the integration of drones into their bison ranching practices. Leier gives examples of drones checking fence lines after storms to check on the herd as well as leading them to pasture with a remote ATV.

Small Business USA
Interview: Brent Tollefson, owner, Carpet Garage
Tollefson talks about the newest technology in carpet and flooring. He also gives an overview of how business is in his multiple state locations.


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