Building the Bakken Radio Episode 224: Is 2017 the year of the refrac? Plus the Davis Refinery and growing schools in the Bakken

Davis Refinery Update
Interview: William Prentice, CEO, Meridian Energy Group and The Davis Refinery, Belfield, ND
Prentice give an update on the Davis Refinery coming to Belfield, ND. He explains the timeline to date and how they are expecting the Permit to Construct in the next couple of weeks which will trigger the beginning of the next major phase.

Interview: Charles Ohlsen, completions specialist, Whiting Petroleum
Ohlsen describes the refrac process and how they are on the “uptick” in the Bakken. He also gives an overview of the technology increases behind refracs and how they are only in the infant stages of refracs. The refracs are another option for energy companies to drill in the Bakken extending the potential of the play to five generations.

Energy Communities
Interview: Steve Holen, superintendent McKenzie County (Watford City), ND
Holen gives an overview of the growth in Watford City and how that has impacted the school system. From a new building to taxes to moving up a class in high school athletics.

Energy Economy
Interview: Mary Jo Irmen, speaker and author, Wealth Without Wall Street
Irmen talks about the commodity market and how banks are becoming more difficult to work with whether it is energy or ag. She also previews an upcoming Financial Conference she will be speaking at in Bismarck, ND.

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