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Brain Lash (left), founder and CEO, Target Logistics, and Building the Bakken host Jason Spiess at the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference in Bismarck, ND. Photo by Paul Flessland.

Aaron Krauter, politician
Adam Martin, executive
AJ Jacobs, author, journalist, columnist
Al Anderson, government
Al Carlson, politician, businessman
Al Franken, politician
Al Jeagar; politician
Al Muehlenbruch, businessman
Alan Bown, 7-time World Arm Wrestling Champion, trucker
Alex Warner, businessman
Amanda Cordes Person, archaeology
Andy Scull, construction
Andy Glas, businessman
Andy Peterson, government
Anthony “Bert” Bertino, Casino Excursions Gaming Group
Barry Batcheller, Appareo
Benjamin Snow, administrator
Bernhard Kurpicz, businessman
Bill Buzenberg, journalist, news executive

Spiess Dunkelberg
Bill Dunkelberg (right) responds to Jason Spiess (left)

Bill Dunkelberg, economist, writer
Blind Joe, musician
Bob Babbich, coach
Bob Strahm, Duratech Industries
Bob Weatherford, entrepreneur
Brenda Weiler, musician
Brent Bogar, consultant
Brian Cebull, entrepreneur

Photo by Paul Flessland
Brian Hymel, Five Diamonds Investors, speaks at the Rocky Mountain Energy and Infrastructure Conference, Jackson, Wy. Photo by Paul Flessland

Brian Hymel, businessman
Brian Jorvig, aviation
Brian Kalk, politician, veteran
Brian Lash, entrepreneur
Brian Shawn, media personality
Brian Sullivan, media personality, financial journalist
Brock Lesner, athlete, performer

Photo by Kevin Tobosa
Photo by Kevin Tobosa

Brooks West, musician
Bruce Gjovig, government
Bruce Crummy, photographer
Bud Grant, coach, outdoorsman
Byron Dorgan, politician, author
Carl Dahlen, research agriculture
Cal Klewin, Theodore Roosevelt Expressway
Carson Steiner, politician
Chad Peterson, entrepreneur, politician
Chad Hyslop, executive
Chad Wocken, research scientist
Charles Lyons, artist
Charles Okigbo, educator, businessman
Chris Cagle, singer
Chris Kluwe, athlete
Christian Ponder, athlete
Chris Clark, Xcel Energy
Clay Jenkinson, author, actor, culturist
Clif Burnette, executive
Colonel Michael Aberle, military
Cooper Whitman, executive
Corey Heiser, professional angler
Craig Bohl, coach
Curt Hennig, athlete, entertainer
Curtis Shuck, international trade

Dale Brown (left) prepares for an interview with multimedia journalist Jason Spiess (right). Photo by Kevin Tobosa

Dale Brown, speaker, coach
Darin Erstad, athlete
Dave Hakstol, coach
Dave St. Peter, MN Twins President
Dave Willliams, Native American entrepreneur
David Aberle, entrepreneur
David Borlaug, non profit
David Blume, educator, filmmaker, author
David Levinthal, journalist
David Wells, professor
DC Coston, educator
Dean Bangsund, research scientist

North Dakota State University president Dean Bresciani (right) and multimedia journalist Jason Spiess (left).

Dean Bresciani, North Dakota State president
Deb Nelson, administrator
Dennis Lindahl, public relations
Dianna Broadie, Dawson County (MT)
Dick Bremer, media personality, sports announcer
Dr. David Kessler; educator, administrator
Dr. Neal Barnard, activist, actor, author, scientist
Dr. Nick Begech, author, media personality
Dennis Kucinich, politician
Doug Burgum, entrepreneur, philanthropist   05.2016
Dustin Monke, editor

Ed Schafer, politician, businessman
Eric Norberg, businessman
Eugene Graner, economist
Fred Mosley M.D., executive
Gary Delaney, Ministry of the Economy, Saskatchewan
Gary Black, aviation
Gaylon Baker, executive administrator
General David Spryzinackic, military
Gene Veeder, economic development   05.2016
George Sinner, politician
Georgi Nochowicz, Halliburton
Governor Jack Dalrymple, politician
Governor Mark Dayton, politician
Governor Matt Mead, politician
Greg Kempel, entrepreneur
Hal Sanders, Ministry of Economy, Saskatchewan
Hanna Polak, documentarian , filmmaker
Harold Hamm, businessman
Heath Gran, real estate
Henry Winkler, actor
Iron Sheik, athlete, entertainer
Jack Ekstrom, Whiting Petroleum
Jack Griffin, international economy

Whiting Petroleum, CEO, James Volker
Whiting Petroleum, CEO, James Volker

James Volker, Whiting Petroleum
Janet Jacobson, Wooly Girls
Jay Almlie, research and science
Jason Pearson, RDO Integrated Controls
Jeff Zarling, businessman
Jeremy Dockter, executive
Jeremy Zwinger, agriculture
Jesse Ventura, actor, athlete, politician
Jesse Evert, businessman
Jenny Olwage, Prairie Fairy Designs
Jerry Schmidt, finance
Jim Kleinsasser, athlete
Jim Arthaud, MBI Energy Services
Joe Coyne, community consultant
Joe Frenzel, politician, businessman
John Dougherty, government
John Harju, research scientist
John Keller, executive
John Richman, Ph.D, North Dakota State College of Science
John Schnaidt, entrepreneur
John Springsteen, technology, entrepreneur
John Suprock, finance
Joseph Mahon, economist
Jude Riley, Industrial Contractors
Judy Colgan, Rocky Mountain Coal
J.W. Schroeder, Ph.D, research agriculture
Karolyn Zurn, Minnesota Soybean Director
Kathleen Wrigley, speaker
Kathleen Neset, energy, geology
Kay LaCoe, Lignite Energy Council
Keith Langseth, politician
Kelly Schmidt, politician
Kelly Wilkins, Bridger Logistics
Ken DeCubellis, businessman
Ken Hall, Native American businessman     05.2016
Ken Patera, Olympian, businessman
Kenny Nelson, K.L.N. Enterprises
Kent Conrad, politician


Kerry Frank, entrepreneur
Kevin Holten, athlete, writer, cartoonist
Kevin Pifer, businessman, entrepreneur
Kevin Pranis, labor union
Kevin Stanley, Ventech Engineers
Klayton Oltmanns, politician
Kristen Hedgers, Kildeer Manufacturing, politician
Kurt Zellers, politician

World champion auctioneer Kyle Shobe at RoughRider Days in Dickinson, ND. Photo by Kevin Tobosa
World champion auctioneer Kyle Shobe at RoughRider Days in Dickinson, ND. Photo by Kevin Tobosa

Kyle Shobe, entertainer, World Rodeo Announcer Champion
Lee Grandquist, businessman
Lee Tillman, Marathon Oil
Lee Vidar Byberg, entrepreneur, politician
Leigh Hantho, healthcare
Les Stroud, survivalist, musician, filmmaker
Lynn Helms, government
Mac Schneider; attorney, politician
Mario Andretti, athlete
Mark Anderson, businessman
Mark Armstrong, businessman, media personality

mark eaton
Former NBA All Star Mark Eaton discusses teamwork with multimedia journalist Jason Spiess. Photo by Kevin Tobosa

Mark Eaton, athlete
Marc Magliari, government
Mark Wald, entrepreneur
Mary Hodell, entrepreneur
Mary Houston, businesswoman
Matt Rose, BNSF
Matthew Moore, businessman
Matthew Nelson, musician
Mark Williams, businessman
Mayor of Belle Fourche Gary Hendrickson
Mayor of Bismarck John Warford
Mayor of Fargo Dennis Walaker, politician
Mayor of Bowman Lyn James, politician
Mayor of Dickinson Dennis Johnson, politician
Mayor of Minot Curt Zimbleman, politician
Mayor of Williston Ward Koesser, politician
Mayor of Watford City Brent Sanford
Melinda Yurkowski, Ministry of the Economy, Saskatchewan
Michael Carbone, non profit, mason
Michael Drury, economist
Michael Houge, entrepreneur
Michael Seminary, media personality
Michelle Bachmann, politician
Mistie Caldwell, tourism
Mona Madler, economic development

Nancy Hodur, NDSU
Nancy Hodur, NDSU, interviewed by Jason Spiess at the Bakken Investors Summit. Photo by Kevin Tobosa.

Nancy Hodur, research scientist
Naomi Thomas, entrepreneur
Neil Amondson, Hunter Light
Niles Hushka, KLJ
Nolan Berg, precision agriculture
Norm Coleman, politician
Nicole Schuler, Baker (MT) Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture
Mark Schneider, politician
Parker Hallam, Breitling Energy Companies
Patience Hurley, government
Patrick Hart, businessman
Patrick Hughes, businessman     May 2016
Paul Allen, media personality, sports announcer

Paul Steffes, entrepreneur
Peter DeKrassel, author, educator
Peter Elzi, businessman
Philip Fusacchia, GE Oil and Gas
Prairie Rose, activist, politician
Randy Christman, politician
Raymond Gentry, entrepreneur
Renae Mitchell, entrepreneur
Retha Mattern, education
Richard Anderson, government
Richard Gardner, consultant
Richard Wardner, politician
Richard Ziskind, executive
Rick Berg, entrepreneur, politician
Rick Helling, athlete
Rick Rodger, oil field safety    05.2016

Rick Ross, VP Operations, Whiting Petroleum, being interviewed by Building the Bakken Radio host Jason Spiess at the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference in Bismarck, ND. Photo by Paul Flessland

Rick Ross, Whiting Petroleum
Rick Rude, athlete, entertainer
Rick Stern, Straus Clothing
Ringo Dooley, High Country Fusion
Rob Ryan, entrepreneur
Robert Becklund, aviation
Robert Bryce, economist, media personality
Roger Johnson, National Farmer’s Union
Ron Ness, executive
Ron Stromstad, Medora Foundation

Ron Jibson, CEO, President & Chairman, Questar Corporation, speaks at the Rocky Mountain Energy and Infrastructure Summit, Jackson Hole, Wy. Photo by Paul Flessland
Ron Jibson, CEO, President & Chairman, Questar Corporation, speaks at the Rocky Mountain Energy and Infrastructure Summit, Jackson Hole, Wy. Photo by Paul Flessland

Ronald Jibson, Questar
Ronald Johnson, international trade
Russell Rankin, Statoil
Ryan Taylor, USDA
Scott Bachmeier, media personality, outdoorsman
Scott Hennen, media personality
Scott Miller, media personality
Scott Sinner, agriculture
Scott Stewart, Azbil North America

Media personality Sean Hannity answers a question at the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference in Bismarck, ND. Photo by Paul Flessland/Crude Life Photography
Media personality Sean Hannity answers a question at the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference in Bismarck, ND. Photo by Paul Flessland/Crude Life Photography

Sean Hannity, media personality
Shane Goettle, politician, executive
Shannon Curfmann, musician
Shawn Kessel, government
Shirley Meyer, politician
Sheriff Clarence Tooey, law enforcement
Stephen Moore, Fox News, economist
Steve Arveschoug, Big Sky Economic Development
Steve Fifita, entrepreneur, venture capitalist
Steve Heins, energy consultant

Steve Link, real estate    05.2016
Steve Van Dyke, Lignite Energy
Steve Walker, athlete, media personality
Terri Thiel, tourism, government
Terry Barden, businessman, government
Terry Keeton, businessman
Tessa Sandstrom, communications
Theodore P. Buzunis, Murphy Bros. Expositions
Theresa Podoll, entrepreneur
Thomas Erickson, government research
Thomas Hanlon, chef, restaurateur

Thomas Petrie, consultant
Thomas Rambo, Altavian
Tim Holte, government
Tim Mahoney, musician
Tim Westgren, entrepreneur, musician
Todd Melby, reporter, filmmaker
Todd Morrison, entrepreneur
Todd Schilling, JE Dunn
Tom Emmer, politician, media personality
Tommy Kenville, Center for Innovation Foundation
Tommy Nusz, Oasis Petroleum
Tom Rolfstad, executive
Tom Shorma, businessman
Tony Clark, politician
Tony Grindberg, Appareo
Tony Parker, entrepreneur
Tony Schmidt, inventor
Trinity Lewis, media personality
Tyler Okerlund, government
Tyson Olson, entrepreneur
US Congressman Kevin Cramer, politician
US Congresswoman Kelly Ayotte, politician
US Senator Amy Klobochar, politician

US Senator John Hoeven (left). Photo by Paul Flessland
US Senator John Hoeven (left) being interviewed by multimedia journalist Jason Spiess. Photo by Paul Flessland

US Senator John Hoeven, politician, businessman
US Senator Mike Enzi, politician
US Senator John Thune, politician
US Senator Heidi Heitkamp, politician
Wayne Sanders, businessman
Wyman Sheetz, farmer/rancher


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