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Multimedia journalist and executive producer Jason Spiess (right) prepares to interview NCAA coaching legend and professional speaker Dale Brown (left) at the Bakken Investor Summit.


Bakken Breakout Magazine: The technology of the Bakken    page1    page2    page3    page4    page5

Bakken Breakout Magazine: Sharing data in N.D. is rock solid at the core    page1    page2    page3    page4     page5  

Bakken Breakout MagazineOn Borrowed Land – Reclamation of the oil patch   page1    page2    page3    page4   

Bakken Breakout Magazine: The march to a million barrels   page1    page2   page3    page4    page5    page6

Bakken Breakout Magazine: The co-existence of agriculture and energy   page1   page2    page3   

Bakken Breakout Magazine: Bakken Investments – That was then, this is now and what is next   page1   page2   page3   page4   page5   

Bakken Breakout Magazine: The Bakken is gassing up for America’s natural shift  page1   page2   page3   page4   page5

Bakken Breakout Magazine: December 2014

Bakken Breakout Magazine: February 2015

Bakken Breakout Magazine: May 2015

Bakken Breakout Magazine: August 2015

Bakken Breakout Magazine: September 2015

Bakken Breakout Magazine: The challenge of a hard winter…chasing one million barrels   page1    page2    page3     page4     page5

Bakken Breakout Magazine: Are Bakken companies about to merge?   page1   page2   page3   page4  

Bakken Breakout Magazine: Drones in the Bakken   page1   page2   page3   page4  page5  page6 

Bakken Breakout Weekly: Burgum believes the Bakken is vital to state’s overall economy

Bakken Breakout Weekly: Another good sign of the times: Catfish event supported by energy companies

Bakken Breakout Weekly: Building the Bakken continues with new refinery near Belfield 

Bakken Breakout WeeklyDespite downturn, Crestwood’s $1M gift shows the Bakken is a long term play

Bakken Breakout WeeklyDivide County preparing for a youth movement

Bakken Breakout WeeklyLNG helping rigs save money, become more efficient

Bakken Breakout Weekly Ag Commissioner sounds off on Dakota Pipeline protesters, calls some “thugs”

Bakken Breakout WeeklyThe Bakken’s impact continues to shape communities

Bakken Breakout WeeklyBakken Consignment Auction a sign of economic evolution

Bakken Breakout WeeklySidney seeing activity after energy impact

Bakken Breakout WeeklyIt’s a new day for the Three Affiliated Tribes

Bakken Breakout WeeklyWatford City continues its expansion in the Bakken

Bakken Breakout WeeklyJust one question

Bakken Breakout WeeklyThe last living Bakken 

Bakken Breakout Weekly:   Interview with CNBC’s Brian Sullivan    Part1     Part2     Part3     

Bakken Breakout WeeklyAn exit interview with Ward Koeser

Bakken Breakout Weekly: North Dakota should take notice of Bohl’s Wyoming decision

Bakken Breakout Weekly:  For many rigs, it’s about what’s under foot

Bakken Breakout WeeklyDickinson’s Shawn Kessel expanding his energy role      

Bakken Breakout Weekly: Homeless on the Range

Bakken Breakout WeeklyNeset talks oil prices, technology and Tioga’s future in the Bakken

Bakken Breakout Weekly:  Catching up with Ed Schafer       page 2

Bakken Breakout Weekly:    Time to separate the wheat from the chaff       page 2

Bakken Breakout Weekly: It’s like chemical row down there

Bakken Breakout Weekly: You’re gunna hear them roar!

Bakken Breakout WeeklyWhere the top minds in energy gather

Bakken Breakout Weekly:   Rocky Mountain event showcases top minds in energy

Bakken Breakout Weekly:  Former Congressman Berg selling oil in the Bakken….by the quart 

Bakken Breakout Weekly:  Montana community invested in Keystone outcome

Bakken Breakout Weekly:   It’s Bakken BBQ season!

Bakken Breakout WeeklyPublic Service candidates talk pipes, rail and safety     page 2

Bakken Breakout Weekly:   For some it will be bankruptcy

Bakken Breakout WeeklyCelebrating a culmination and the possibilities still ahead

Bakken Breakout Weekly:  Even at $30 oil, M&A activity in shale plays looking promising for 2015 

Bakken Breakout WeeklyTech companies are morphing the Bakken to new levels     page 2

Bakken Breakout WeeklyFrom coal to carbon, the Bakken’s potential is starting to heat up

Bakken Breakout WeeklyIn small town North Dakota, it’s an Industrial Revolution 2.0

Bakken Breakout WeeklyBridger-ing success across American shale plays

Bakken Breakout WeeklyMoore on oil and politics at the NDPC annual meeting

Bakken Breakout Weekly:   Gas prices too high?  Just wait

Bakken Breakout Weekly:   Best sound bytes of 2015

Bakken Breakout Weekly: Bakken restaurant recommendations 

Bakken Breakout Weekly: Off the record with Dakota LNG’s Patrick Hughes

Bakken Breakout WeeklyNDSU president Dean Bresciani charged up by Bakken technology

Bakken Breakout WeeklyHindsight is always 20/20

Bakken Breakout WeeklyDickinson sees manufacturing growth with “new normal”

Bakken Breakout WeeklyTaming of the wild west

Bakken Breakout Weekly:   Badlands NGL inking deals, inching closer to the Bakken

Bakken Breakout WeeklyChewing the fat with the Ag Commissioner Goehring

Bakken Breakout WeeklyThe cold hard fact of the Bakken

Bakken Breakout WeeklyA place to hang your mat

Bakken Breakout WeeklyThe state of relearning

Bakken Breakout WeeklyAn American Evolution

Bakken Breakout WeeklyA candid conversation with Kevin Cramer

Bakken Breakout WeeklyA sticker shock for oil and gas producing counties

Bakken Breakout WeeklyNatural born grillers

Bakken Breakout Weekly:   A crude awakening

Bakken Breakout WeeklyGiving Credit to the Bakken 

Bakken Breakout Weekly: Natural gas surges with unconventional methods

Bakken Breakout WeeklyOut west there is still a vision

Bakken Breakout Weekly:  An acceleration of executive orders   

Bakken Breakout WeeklyWhere the deer and antelope used to play

Bakken Breakout WeeklyMHA Nation extraction energy, benefits

Bakken Breakout WeeklyAll is not quiet on the western front

Bakken Breakout Weekly: Trains and planes and boats

Bakken Breakout WeeklyLooking back at 2014, it was a gas

Bakken Breakout Weekly:   ND’s flaring is getting Badlands to the bone

Bakken Breakout WeeklySounds bytes from the Bakken:  Ag, energy and the rail

Bakken Breakout WeeklyFERC Commissioner says real victim in Keystone is rule of law

Bakken Breakout WeeklyGiving thanks to the Bakken

Bakken Breakout WeeklyQuotes from and about the community    page 2      

Bakken Breakout WeeklyThe next decade could bring a CORN-acopia of energy options

Bakken Breakout WeeklyFast recipe for granting wishes

Bakken Breakout WeeklyA small town never forgets 

Bakken Breakout WeeklyThe Spineless, sharks and dinosaurs of the Bakken

Bakken Breakout WeeklyEyes from the Matrix in the sky

Bakken Breakout WeeklySolar, natural gas looking to have a bright 2015

Bakken Breakout WeeklyFeeling paralyzed by oil price? Try giving back

Bakken Breakout Weekly: A bridge over troubled waters 

Bakken Breakout WeeklyNDSU’s boys of the Bakken    page 2    

Bakken Breakout WeeklyA zip to Zap

Bakken Business Journal: Sean Hannity, Let’s get America back to work

Basin Bits: Getting back to the earth

Basin Bits: Is Las Vegas about to gamble on North Dakota?

Basin Bits: Spring Edition 2013

Basin Bits: Spring Edition 2014

Basin Bits: Spring Edition 2015

Basin BitsThe great American remake

Basin BitsThe New Normal in the Bakken      page2

Basin BitsPower Up: Using natural gas in electricity generation      page2

The Drill:  The state of the Bakken trade shows

The DrillMoody, Lechler reflect on growing up in the Bakken     page2

The DrillLike Desperados waiting for a train

The Drill:   Export  Economics     page2

The DrillBakken energizes NDSU’s research and development 

The DrillBreakfast in the Bakken

The DrillMeet Kari Frank, she just might revolutionize the oil and gas industry     page2

The DrillInnovation under foot, under rig       page2      

The DrillThis land is my land, this land is your land

The DrillFirst, second and third person

The Drill:  Importing and exporting can become crude 

The Drill2 million reasons the Bakken will be different in 2015

The DrillWill natural gas become a universally priced commodity

The DrillRegulator:  Steffes sets national example in energy      page2

The DrillMontana made, Bakken Strong   page2

The DrillShipping people in the Bakken     page2

The DrillOne questions for the Agriculture Commissioner

The DrillBaker’s Keystone Kerfuffle   page 2

The Drill:  Belle Fourche:  The Bakken’s southern exposure

The DrillStanley’s winds of change    page2

The DrillBest Sound Bytes of 2015

The DrillSenator Heitkamp gets crude on oil exports         page2

Fallon County TimesThe Keystone Kerfuffle

The Oilman: America shifting towards natural gas

The Oilman: The Energy Scene in Jackson Hole, Wy

The OilmanThe Energy Scene at the Nabor’s pad

The Oilman: Energy Innovation       page2   

The Oilman: Q & A with Dean Bresciani, president, North Dakota State University

The Oilman: Q & A with Lynn Helms, director, North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources

The Oilman: Q & A with Tom Petrie, Petrie Partners

The Oilman: Q & A with William Gilliam, CEO, Badlands NGL

The OilmanQ &A with Brian Sullivan, host of “Power Lunch” on CNBC

The Oilman: Road trip across the U.S. shale plays       page2

The OilmanEnergy Scene in Jackson Hole, Wy      page2

The Oilman: Women in oil and gas

Oil and Gas MonthlyDisco Era Economic

Oil and Gas MonthlyRonald Jibson, CEO/Chairman/President, Questar Corporation

Oil and Gas MonthlyBrian Hymel, principal, Five Diamonds Fund Managers

Oil and Gas MonthlyLoren Scott, president, Scott & Associates

Oil and Gas MonthlyA tale of two cities     page2

Oil and Gas Monthly:  The Business of Shipping People     page2

Oil and Gas Monthly:   Baker, MT, speaks out on the Keystone XL

Oil and Gas Monthly: The Canary in the Bakken     page2  

Oil and Gas MonthlyKelly Wilkins, Senior Vice President Business Development, Bridger, LLC

Oil and Gas MonthlyHear that train a comin’        page2 

Oil and Gas Monthly:  It’s Spring clean up for energy companies & communities        page2

Oil and Gas MonthlyKevin Stanley, CEO, Ventech Engineers

Oil and Gas MonthlyDemocrat Senator gets crude on exporting oil

Oil and Gas MonthlyBrian Lash, founder/CEO, Target Logistics

Oil and Gas Monthly:  Energy’s newest landlord

Oil and Gas MonthlyThe Bakken’s taxing problem on North Dakota    page2   

Oil and Gas MonthlyAmerica’s shale gale

Oil and Gas Monthly: Sky’s the limit for energy’s next boom 

Oil and Gas MonthlyThe politics of importing and exporting       page2 

Oil and Gas MonthlyPipeline Prognostication   page2



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