Using 21st century technology in the 21st century


According to Anthony McDaniels, HEAL Corporations, some oil and gas companies are falling behind with updating their well sites.

“People are starting to say ‘if I want to be profitable in the 21st century, I have to apply 21st century technology.” McDaniels said. “I can’t just drill 21st century wells using 20th century technology or I’ll fall behind.”

McDaniels sees more and more companies adding innovation and technology to the well site, creating a more efficient and productive well.

“People are having issues pumping their wells. We were masking over with new drilling for so many years, now we are trying to relearn production engineering. As it turns out, not only are we trying to relearn production engineering but we didn’t have a lot of the technologies to deal with the new wells. We just drilled a bunch of them and now we have to deal with how to pump them.” McDaniels said describing what HEAL Systems does.

McDaniels said they are getting more and more installs now in the United States after growing up in Canada.

“We are pretty much in every major shale play except the Marcellus and Barnett.”  McDaniels said. “We recently introduced the ability to run this in conjunction with a plunger lift system so that will allow us to get into those more gassy shale plays.”



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